About Goodwork

Good Work is a boutique consultancy specialising in

      * career management, and

      * strategy creation and implementation.

Our Approach 

Universal solutions don't exist: each person, each company is unique. And while none of us is as unique as we might like to believe: there are many consistent patterns in our behaviour.  It's useful to appreciate those patterns, but it's vital to see the exceptions.

Simple fixed explanations can be attractive, but never work in the long run.

So we always approach each person or situation as unique, but draw on a wealth of knowledge to put together the most useful means to achieve the outcome that's sought.

Good information and good decision making lead to good judgements, that's why we've incorporated the latest scientific knowledge about decision making in our approach.

About Bruce Marshall

B.A., M.A.(Psych), M.I.G.A. (London),M.A.P.S.

Bruce is unique: highly qualified as a psychologist and psychotherapist, he’s taught at universities in Sydney and London, and as a partner at KPMG he managed Management Consulting’s most profitable business unit. But he hasn’t spent a lifetime in academia or consulting: he’s worked in a vast array of occupations: labourer, seaman, journalist, salesman, museum guide, teacher and barristers’ clerk. 

He has a rare ability to understand and inspire others and has exceptional skills in: 

* Talent management

* Strategy

* Group dynamics


Our Team

 Good Work has a network that includes some of Australia's leading professionals in career management, organisational change, risk management and personal counselling.  That means we can always provide the 'A Team' for you. 

Ed Markovski

B.Comm., Dip. Applied Computing

Ed has 25 years’ experience in the private and public sectors. He’s worked for small and large organisations in operations, program delivery and sales and led teams in Australia and internationally, rolling out new systems.

His ability to motivate others and get the job done has earned him vast respect from all. His tailored, personalised approach ensures that each person’s special career management needs are met.  

Ed’s particular expertise in:

-      Mentoring/Coaching 

-      Business development

-      Service delivery  

ensures that each person’s career is in good hands when they work with him.


Professor Christine Jenkins

Faculty of Medicine, Sydney University

“I am happy to recommend Bruce Marshall as someone who is innovative and proactive in career management, helping to set goals as well as reflect on achievements in order for senior professionals to make wise judgements regarding their future career choices.”

Michael Harvey

Chief Operating Officer and CFO, Australian Radio Network.

“Bruce pushed me to think about my career in ways I hadn’t considered before. His level headed support and practical guidance helped me enormously. Anyone who wants to manage their career better should contact him.”

Stephen Rue

Chief Financial Officer, NBN Co

"Bruce has helped me enormously, to achieve a very successful career. He is both challenging and supportive and led me to see important issues from a fresh perspective. He always maintains a strategic perspective and his counsel is wise and sensible."

Fiorella di Santo

Director of Sales,

Bauer Media.

"I've enjoyed working with Bruce for many years.  Bruce's great strength is in helping to foster self led development in a disciplined and strategic way.  He provides strategies and tools to identify key strengths and further development opportunities.  Bruce works in a collaborative way with clients to  identify leadership styles, foster EQ, navigate group dynamics and in finding practical ways to build resilience.

I couldn't recommend his services more."