What we do 

Career Management 

Good Work has the most effective career management program ever created, combining cutting edge software and one-on-one time with a highly experienced career specialist. For the first time, there's a program which helps you find out where you want to go in your career, and then provides tools to get you on track.....and stay there!  It's the first career management system to use the latest findings from neuroscience to help you make and implement good career decisions.

Coaching and Development

For over 30 years Good Work has been trusted to coach and mentor top level performers: developing their talents to achieve exceptional outcomes . Good Work's approach is pragmatic and solutions focussed. Every program is tailored to suit the particular situation: we're not wedded to any particular viewpoint: we use the best approach possible and constantly monitor the latest research to ensure that the tools we use and recommend are the most effective for your situation. The cognitive assessment and brain training programs that we use are good examples of the advanced science we employ to benefit you.


Your strategy is how you'll use your resources to reach a goal. To succeed in a competitive world, those resources need to create a unique advantage.  

To develop a strategy, whether it's for your own career or for your company, time spent assessing the resources available to you, and applying good thinking skills to process that information, is essential.

We see the forest and the trees.